The Best Farmhouse Sinks of 2022 – Top 7 Revealed Products

farmhouse kitchen reviews -Quality model reviews

The heart and soul of a home’s interior is its kitchen. It’s where your family gathers to prepare delicious meals and share them with your friends. You also spend a lot of your time cleaning your kitchen and sink. The best kitchen sink is one that you choose carefully. Make sure you do your research. While doing so, you should consider the style of the sink as well as the material. Our reviews on the best farmhouse sinks will definitely help you in your way.

Well, the kitchen is no doubt the most important part of every home. In order to give it an extra premium look, you have to put some extra sugar in the cup. Farmhouse kitchen sinks are those sugar particles that add extra sweetness to your coffee.

best farmhouse sink for the money - top model reviews
Top Rated farmhouse kitchen sink reviews

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Top Rated Farmhouse Sinks From the Best Brands

Based on research, we have reviewed the best farmhouse kitchen sinks, so you can choose which one is the perfect one for you.

1. KOHLER Whitehaven Self-Trimming – Best Farmhouse Sink

Kohler Farmhouse kitchen sink cast iron
Farmhouse Cast Iron Kitchen Sink

Whitehaven Kohler farmhouse sink is ideal for a contemporary or farmhouse-style kitchen. No doubt to say that it is an impressive beast of a sink. It is made of durable vitreous china that resists stains and scratches for long-lasting everyday use.

It takes a lot of strength to lift this sink. You will almost certainly need to install support bracing, and you will require two people to place it into the cabinet once it is complete. A technical drawing for the countertop cut out, as well as a cardboard template for cutting out cabinet doors, are both included in the package.

Large enough to accommodate all of your requirements. You may soak your largest pans in this and end up with some enormous dishes. It is exquisitely constructed, sleek, and polished, and there are no imperfections or gaps in the finish.  Excellent quality and perfection.

If you have chosen your dream kitchen and pinned the ones you like from multimillion-dollar mansions on Pinterest, this is the sink you will keep seeing over and over again in your searches. This is the sink that you should purchase, and sure, it is pricey also.


  • Scratchless
  • Very well packaged
  • Easy to Clean
  • Value for money


  • Prone to Water spotting
  • Little expensive

2. Kraus Quarza 33-Inch Equal Bowls, Black Onyx Granite – Best Farmhouse Sink Brand

Kraus - best farmhouse sink brand
Farmhouse Kitchen Double Sink

Kraus always comes up with a mind-blowing product that not only gives elegant look but it also satisfies your dire needs of getting that particular product. This black granite Quarza kitchen sink gives your kitchen a modern look and long-term durability and feels of pure stone.

It is a drop-in style sink that needs a 36 inches cabinet to set in. The dual bowl kitchen has a length of 33 inches divided into equal bowls with a depth of 9.5 inches. The 22-inch width gives sufficient room inside the sink so that you can place a large number of dishes in it.

The nonporous stone surface guarantees easy cleaning and a germ-free environment in your kitchen. The sink is made up of very nice stone, and inside corners are nicely and gently rounded, making it easy to clean. Every type of stain, like wine, coffee, and grease, etc., can easily be wiped off with a strainer towel inside the package. 

Thick stone of high quality absorbs sound that may produce with the clash of dishes which is, of course, an undeniable feature of this sink. The sink surface is not apparently thick, but it is really strong and resilient enough to absorb shocks of dishes if they fall upon it. With this strength, heat absorption gives it another point to mark your checkpoint before making your purchase decision.

The inside of the sink is gently sloped towards the drainpipe, covered with a strainer. For the garbage, a small basket that comes with it is placed inside the drainpipe, which ensures the maximum possibility of getting it waste-free comfortably.


  • Easy to Install
  • Very well packaged
  • Easy to Clean


  • Prone to Water spotting

3. Sarlai Kitchen Sink Stainless Steel Black Gray Workstation Apron Front – Best Farmhouse Sink for the Money

Sarlai brand - Best Farmhouse Sink for the Money
Farmhouse Workstation Kitchen Sink

Honestly speaking, sometimes we think that the add-ons included in the sink packaging are just for adding in price. On the contrary, when it comes to the Sarlai apron front kitchen sink, these additional components add value and power to the main product.

This luxury farmhouse workstation sink is available in various sizes ranging from 24-inches to 33-inches, which will help you select the perfect one according to the space available in your kitchen cabinet. The sink is spacious enough to accommodate a handsome number of washables in it. The components included in packing this amazing sink increase its working capacity and provide aid to get your work done hassle-free.

The 16 gauge heavy-duty steel is used to make this farmhouse sink, which ensures its durability and heavy daily use. Corners are nicely rounded with a 10 mm diameter, giving it a wide look and making its cleaning very easy. To minimize the noise that produces while washing in the sink, an extra thick layer of paint has been used, which reduces the sound. For further reduction in noise extra 3 mm rubber pad is used in the bottom layer of the sink to absorb sound.

This Sarlai apron front farmhouse sink has a ledge on it which helps the major accessories to place and move upon it as per need. A sturdy and elegant wooden cutting board is part of the packaging. You can place this Sapele mahogany board over the sink and use it for cutting fruit and vegetables.

Roll-up rack is another amazing thing which is used for drying wishes etc. You get a colander that is made up of stainless steel with a mahogany frame with a sink. The colander moves over the sink’s ledge, and you can use it to wash pulses, rice, or even fruits.

A bottom steel grate is used to reduce the contact between dishes and the sink surface. This enhances the useful life of the sink. The bottom surface is x-shaped inclined towards the centric drain hole. This slope is enough for the speedy drainage of water.

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  • Drains well
  • High-quality steel
  • Sturdy built


  • Square corner makes cleaning a bit tougher

4. Lordear Apron Front Deep Single Bowl Farmhouse Kitchen Sink – Best Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink

This is huge! This is what comes to your mind when you talk about the Lordear 36inch farmhouse sink. It requires a cabinet for its fitting of 39 inches in length. This is 22 inches wide and 10inces deep that makes it unique. It is of big jumbo size, and you can place a maximum number of utensils inside this for washing.

Its unparalleled strength is it’s one of the major features. High-quality steel of 16 gauge is sturdy enough to meet your standards. The steel used in this sink is rust and stain-free. For its proper cleaning, a nice woolen towel comes with the packaging of this single bowled sink.

Corners are in a nice round shape that makes them look more sleek and modern. This thing does not only gives smooth cleaning in addition to this it gives extra space as well. For avoiding scratches and for the smooth clean surface of sinks’ bottom for a longer period of time a stainless steel grid is used. The rollup rack is used for drying pans, pots, and dishes after washing. The rolling rack is strong enough to hold a large number of racks. As it is foldable so you can place it in narrow storage space as well.

Although, likewise other sinks x-shaped slopped channel is also in the bottom of this sink. Though, its bottom is not very well sloped but still enough for satisfactory drainage of this water. The drain hole of the sink is covered with a strainer over the drain to prevent blockage that may cause due to wastes of washing items.


  • Easy to clean
  • High-quality steel
  • Value for money


  • The slope is not very well downward inclined

5. Comllen Commercial 10 Inch Deep Handmade Undermount Kitchen – Best Stainless Farmhouse Sink

Comllen Best Stainless Farmhouse Sink
Farmhouse style kitchen sink

In quest of better farmhouse kitchen sinks the Comllen’s single bowl farmhouse style kitchen sink is a perfect choice. This amazing product comes with an apron front style with an under-mount style of fitting. The sink has ideal in size that is 10 inches deep where you can easily place large stacks of pans and pots to wash. Ideally, this 33-inch long sink shall require a 36-inch cabinet for fitting with a width of 24inch almost. Due to its apron front style, it looks pretty awesome and has become the focal point of your kitchen.

As this Comllen single bowl sink is hand-made by the artisans, therefore, this is its most unique feature. Extra thick steel sheet of 16 Gauge ensures its sturdiness. In addition to this, sound-dampening pads are used around its side and bottom to absorb the sound. Its high-quality brushed surface makes it almost corrosion or rust-free.


  • Strong bodied
  • Cool elegant shaped
  • Value for money


  • Prone to scratches

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6. BOCCHI 1138-001-0120 Classico Apron Front Fireclay – Best Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

Best White Farmhouse Sink- Bocchi
Farmhouse Fireclay Kitchen Sink

This Boochi apron front-style farmhouse kitchen sink consists of a single bowl. It is made up of traditional fireclay which is 100% natural organic material. Theoretically, in fire kilns temperature may rise up to 20000F that guarantees its durability and reliability to work with extreme temperatures. So, become tension-free while dealing with extremely hot utensils. This sink is finished with a special coating over the fireclay surface to make it nonporous sand stain resistant.

This 30 inches long sink requires 33 inches long cabinet size. The depth of 10inches ensures that you can place a well-sized pot easily in it for washing. However, as far as its width is concerned, it is somehow lesser than the other brands in the market providing farmhouse sinks. Packing includes a steel grid with soft feet that creates a handsome gap between the sink bottom and washable items that ensures its surface doesn’t get scratched.

Drain strainer helps to collect extra debris while washing pans and pots which can easily be removed from the surface after washing pots. The body of the sink is strong enough to absorb even more than the average impact of pots on the surface of the sink.

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  • Highly heat resistant
  • Sturdy bodied
  • 100% organic and natural material


  • Less widely than others brand

7. ZUHNE Double Basin Farmhouse Sink 60/40 – Best Rated Stainless Steel 33-Inch Curved Apron Front)

Best Rated Stainless Steel 33-Inch Curved Apron Front)- Zuhne
Farmhouse Deep Kitchen Sink

Pretty much awesome and wonderful sink are the type of words you say about the Zuhne stainless farmhouse sink. As Zuhne is directly listed with the US and Canada 3rd party certifying bodies that confirmed its durability regarding the strength of sink body. It is made up of 16 gauge stainless steel which ensures its strength. You can install it as per your choice i.e. under-mount, flush, or built up.

It is beautifully double-designed with a double bowl of 60-40 percentage. Both of the bowls total the length of 30inches and require a cabinet of 33 inches to get fit into. 21 inches width is a bit smaller than some other farmhouse sinks available in the market. However, a depth of 10 inches somehow mitigates its lesser width. With this dimension task of washing a large number of utensils and a healthy stack of dishes become quite easy.

For a better sound, less experience this sink is very well insulated with thermal insulation. Such insulation is 2.5 times thicker than general insulation that comes up with other sinks’ brands. The sink surface itself is made up of heavy-duty steel that enhances its life and prevents it from damaging. Super brushed sink surface also keeps it safe from getting scratched.

Zuhne has offered wonder accessories with this phenomenal double bowled sink. The couple of colanders that may be used for a variety of purposes, bottom grate to avoid the sink surface from getting scratched, a couple of drain strainers, and sponge holder all are part of this awesome packaging.


  • Value for money
  • Sturdy body
  • Versatile installation


  • To avoid constant watermarking it needs regular cleaning

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Farmhouse Sink’s Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Farmhouse Sink

Before making the final decision, you must consider the following factors. So you can buy the farmhouse sink that perfectly suits your needs.

Size of the Farmhouse Sink

When looking at country house sinks, keep in mind that they are quite spacious as they are designed for deep cleaning. The depth is generally between 30″ and 36″ and the width and height can vary.

The best farmhouse style option for you is one that pairs well with your cabinets. You need to measure the size of your cabinet to determine what size farmhouse sink is acceptable to you. Cabinets can be modified to accept a farmhouse sink, but this is not recommended as this could void the cabinet warranty and compromise the structure’s integrity.

Farmhouse Sink Equipment

Unlike traditional sinks that can be limited to white or silver, farmhouse sinks come in other materials and various colors. As usual, there’s no better truss option, so here’s a look at some of the most popular agricultural sink materials, along with their pros and cons.


Cast iron is perhaps the most traditional material used for farm sinks, as it is what used to be used by real farm kitchens. Typically the font is white or black, but it can also be other colors.


Fireclay sinks are just like ceramic sinks. Ceramic sinks are beautiful, affordable, and have the durability similar to stone, granite, or quartz. Fireclay is the second most popular material for traditional farmhouse sinks and has the same authenticity that you will love if you prefer the classic farmhouse look. A fireclay sink is very heavy, but it is easier to handle than a cast iron sink. Fireclay kitchen sinks are typically available in blue, black, and white.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the best choice for kitchen sinks and other appliances because it is durable and affordable. The high-quality steel is strong and durable and resistant to smudges, fingerprints, and scratches. It is also very hygienic and easy to clean, as you can easily remove all kinds of dirt and germs with the swipe of a finger or a cloth.

One of the downsides to a stainless steel sink is that it can be noisy. Dishes and water can create more noise in the largest bowl of a farmhouse sink, so look for sound insulation and damping if you are considering this option.


Copper has a beautiful rustic look, and when paired with an apron sink, it looks timeless and eye-catching. A copper farmhouse sink will become the central point of your kitchen. The sink can be a traditional warm copper color or have various high gloss or soft matte finishes and colors.

Copper apron sinks are very attractive, but they also last a long time, making them a great choice. This is a more expensive option on this list, but keep in mind that it actually increases the home’s value, making it a smart buy. Copper wells stand the test of time and will only increase in value.

Natural Stone

Natural stone may be one of the most expensive options for a farmhouse sink, but it has many advantages. It is extremely beautiful and has a classic, traditional and rustic look. Quartz and granite can also be mixed with resin to create composite stone sinks that are as strong and beautiful as natural stone but at a slightly lower price.

Please note that natural stone is very heavy and will require professional installation.

One Or Two Bowls

A farm can have one or two bowls. Each choice has different advantages and can be suitable for different households.

A single bowl kitchen sink has more room for cleaning and is generally smaller overall, saving more counter space. Almost all agricultural sink models are single-bowl.

A double sink will have two sinks that can be used for different purposes, usually one for washing and rinsing or preparing. Consider a double apron front sink if you are a heavy kitchen user or like to rinse dishes thoroughly before and after washing.

Gauge of a Farmhouse Sink

Gauge refers to the thickness of the steel in a metal sink. The lower the number, the thicker the metal. Thicker metal is preferable because it isolates and prevents sound vibrations from spreading. Thicker metals are also more durable and won’t easily bend, dent, or scratch.

Metal sinks are typically reinforced to provide additional protection against noise and heat. In addition to the meter, check the base protection and sound insulation when looking at country house sinks.

Installation of a Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

The installation depends on the size of your cabinet and the size of the faucet, among others. The material used will be the determining factor in the difficulty of installation. An extremely heavy apron front sink will be much more difficult to install than a lightweight metal sink.

Installation is sometimes included as an additional purchase with shipping, and if the manufacturer authorizes the installation, even better. You need to measure the length, width, and depth of your cabinet to determine the size of the farmhouse sink that it can accommodate.

Size And Location Of The Drain

The drain’s size and location are important because these factors determine how fast the water will flow. Slow draining sinks are painful and harder to clean. The drain will preferably be in the middle of a corner, but in all cases, the bottom of a country house sink should be sloped inward around the drain so that the water flows easily and does not stay at the bottom, which causes mold to grow. 

What is the correct tap?

The agricultural sink taps should be high enough and have a wide enough reach that you can effectively reach both sinks to fill and clean them. The best solution is a removable tap. An extended-reach faucet, such as a commercial-style faucet, works well in a farmhouse sink.

High Bow Griffin

When choosing the country house faucet and sink, be sure to check the number of holes in the faucet. Some faucets require three holes and others only one. Single-hole kitchen faucets typically have a handle, but many modern faucets also have motion sensors and automatic features.


Manufacturers of high-quality sinks will include some type of warranty with the purchase of their farmhouse sink. This warranty must be at least one to six years.

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Benefits of a Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse sinks are more popular in this modern era due to their maximum benefits and few drawbacks. Homeowners love farmhouse sinks because of their elegant design, spacious, does not have opposite lip, and the most tremendous feature is nothing comes between you and the sink.

Deep and Wide

Most people opt for a farmhouse sink over a traditional-style sink because farmhouse sinks provide much more space for cleaning and cooking tasks. Farmhouse sinks, also known as deck sinks, generally have a single large sink used to wash dishes, pots, pans, etc. This generous capacity makes farmhouse kitchen sinks the best choice for large-capacity kitchens in residential homes and businesses.

No Opposite Lip

Traditional kitchen sinks are installed by placing the sink in a hole cut out in the cabinet. These sinks have a raised edge around the edge of the sink that sits on the counter. The edge created becomes a trap for crumbs and dirt, and it can be difficult to clean around a traditional sink effectively. An under-counter farmhouse sink eliminates this problem.

Nothing Comes Between You and the Sink

With farmhouse sinks, you won’t have to lean over the counter to see what you’re doing or get to the bottom of the pull-out sink chamber. There’s nothing between you and the sink other than the apron, so you can easily reach out and see what you’re doing.

Ideas and Inspiration

best farmhouse sink
Farmhouse Kitchen Sink with Black Faucet
best fireclay farmhouse sink
Fireclay Kitchen Sink under Wooden Shelves
best quality double bowl farmhouse sink clay
Double Bowl Fireclay Kitchen Sink
best farmhouse sink reviews
Farmhouse Fireclay white Deep Inside Sink
best brand Ruvati farmhouse apron front stainless steel 33 in. single bowl kitchen sink
Top Brand Ruvati Single Bowl Farmhouse Sink
best flat front farmhouse sink
Double Bowl Flat Front Farmhouse Sink
farmhouse apron-front sink base kitchen cabinet
Apron Front Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Final Verdict

Whenever you need an extra elegant and premium look for your kitchen, the selection of kitchen sinks becomes vital to achieving such. Of course, farmhouse kitchen sinks are the group of sinks that can fulfill your desire to get a cool look for your kitchen. The length and depth of farmhouse sinks make the mission dishwashing quite easy for the performers.

Just to sum up the things to make a decision quite justifiable and we think that the Lordear 36 inch Farmhouse Kitchen Sink is the best farmhouse sink. Its size and sturdiness are exceptional. The accessories that are part of the packaging are the most desired ones and they make the whole washing process very convenient.

Ruvati series is enjoying its separate fan base in the world of kitchen sinks is the best alternative to traditional silver-colored stainless steel kitchen sinks. Gunmetal matte black color gives a royal look to your kitchen and if you have light color used in your kitchen then, this sink becomes the focal point for attention for any kitchen visitor.

If you are looking for economizing the budget as well, then Sarlai 27 Inch Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink should be the best pick. Although it is a bit smaller in size yet it is powerful in its making and competitive as compared to any other brand with prices on higher sides as well.

We believe that the kitchen is the heart of a home, and the sink is its centerpiece. At Best Kitchen Sinks, our team of editors and writers put their maximum efforts into consolidating buying guides and reviews that are informative, unbiased, and helpful for homeowners in choosing the best kitchen sinks and other related products for their lovely kitchen! Alex Roy is the founder of best kitchen sinks. Being an expert in kitchen renovations, he believes in designing kitchens with the perfect sinks and other appliances to make kitchen tasks easy and free of mess. Alex Roy knows first-hand the challenges homeowners and business owners face when buying the best sinks and appliances for their kitchens. Besides the honest reviews on top kitchens sinks and filters, you will also find much information regarding kitchen sinks. From installation and plumbing to cleaning the kitchen sinks and troubleshooting any sink problem, our detailed and step-by-step guides will help you maintain your kitchen sink in the perfect shape at a minimal cost.

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