Top 10 Best Fireclay Farmhouse Sinks Reviews of 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

best Fireclay farmhouse sinks

Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

You are planning to remodel your kitchen, so you need a new sink. But you have little or no idea what to do. Well, the best fireclay farmhouse sinks your best option so far. Combining the quality of fireclay material with the convenience of its gigantic design, a fireclay farmhouse sink will exceed your expectations in every way.

However, there is much to learn about them. Of the best models out there, how to choose the right one and more. Here we will teach you everything.

A popular trend in 2021 is selecting the best fireclay kitchen sink to serve as the aesthetic centerpiece of your kitchen design. When planning kitchen renovations, you probably place a lot of importance on key features, like the sink. And this is where fireclay sinks shine.

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fireclay farmhouse sink reviews
Houzer – Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Best Fireclay Farmhouse Sink Reviews – Read This Before You Buy

A farmhouse sink is a traditional style that has made a comeback in the modern kitchen due to its unique style and functionality. Farmhouse sinks are great if you have a large kitchen and want a large sink for washing dishes.

In this handy buying guide, we go over some of the best agricultural sink models on the market right now, followed by a list of things to consider when considering making your purchase. Hopefully, you will be in a much better place to choose the best farmhouse kitchen sink for yourself when you read it. So let’s dive in!

Kitchen Sink Bocchi 1138-001-0120 Classico Fireclay Single Bowl

best fireclay farmhouse sink 30 inch

We love quality-driven products, and the Bocchi farmhouse sink is just that. The Classico model is one of the most spacious and practical farmhouses sinks you will find.

The first thing you will notice is the rather large design. At a length of 30 inches, a width of 18 inches, and a height of 10 inches, this sink is extremely spacious when in use. This design allows for easy installation in cabinets up to 33 inches. And it installs easily, leaving an attractive front apron design.

But the real advantage comes from the exceptional finish with Super Smooth technology. It pairs surprisingly well with the clean Plus + feature, making it one of the most beautiful and easy-to-clean sinks. The sink is rarely scratched, discolored, or cracked. And because it is completely non-porous, you will never find unwanted stains or impurities.

Best of all, you still get a shiny, brand-new look, even after years. And because fireclay material offers such reliability, you can expect it to handle heat like no other.

Despite its fantastic quality so far, you still get a removable stainless steel grate and strainer. You will have no problem letting your dishes/cookware dry inside, and you won’t feel any scratches.

Let’s not forget that it is available in matt gray, white and sapphire blue. You can combine it with almost any decoration.


  • Material: high pressure fused organic fine fireclay
  • Safe for food since the material used is 100% natural.
  • Very heat resistant
  • Installation: front of farm platform
  • Dimensions: Exterior: 30 “x 18” x 10 “; Interior: 28.5” x 16.5 “x 8.5”
  • Color Options: White, Cookie

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  • It is safe for any kind of food
  • Provide better Heat-resistant quality
  • Requires low maintenance in the long run
  • Easy to install
  • Spacious
  • Impact-resistant


  • The grill can get dirty quickly.
  • May stain if not cleaned properly

Sink Lordear Apron With Chimney

best fireclay 24" farmhouse sink

Another brand that we think is always worth considering is Lordear. And when it comes to fireclay farmhouse sinks, they certainly stand out. This model, for example, uses special white clay that hardens at temperatures up to 2,900 degrees Fahrenheit. This is enough to develop unbeatable resistance to a wide range of things, including scratches, stains, cracks, chips, abrasion, and more.

Another interesting part is the color of the sink. Being completely white allows easy cleaning as soon as residue remains. And because its finish is exceptionally smooth, you won’t have to go to great lengths to clean up the residue.

If you prefer, you can also go for the black version. This one comes with the same softness and a super tough finish.

Another great part of this farmhouse sink is the availability of different sizes. You can get it 24 to 33 inches long for whatever size request you may have. And if that wasn’t enough, you still have the option to choose between their single bowl models and their double bowl models.

You also get various accessories, including drain grates, a large steel strainer, a glove, an apron, and a glove. For those looking for quality farmhouse sinks, the Lordear Front Apron is definitely one of the best.


  • Made with clay fired at 2,900 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Stain-resistant
  • It has a glossy black color
  • Weighs 79.8 pounds
  • It can be installed as a farm roof facade or under the plan
  • Comes with various valuable accessories
  • Solid fireclay
  • Thick walls
  • Elegant design
  • Single bowl design

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  • Very durable and sturdy to withstand a busy kitchen
  • Very attractive and enhances the look of your kitchen.
  • It comes with a grid to help protect the sink.
  • Reasonable size to accommodate many utensils and food
  • It will not stain or corrode, so it is safe to use.
  • Comes with an apron, oven mitt, and the oven mitt to protect the customer while doing their activities around and at the sink


  • It can crack when subjected to excessive pressure.
  • Quite expensive for some users

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Zuhne 33-Inch Fireclay One Bowl Reversible Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

best fireclay farmhouse sink reviews

If you want a sink that makes a bold statement, the ZUHNE Reversible (Italy-made) 33 White Farmhouse Single Bowl will be a great choice. With a beautiful folklore-inspired design, it is sure to add to the kitchen aesthetic. We loved the timeless artistry and the brilliant skill that it boasts of.

For starters, there are no 2 similar Zuhne sinks! Each of them is handcrafted by artisans in Italy and is a magnificent example of delicacy. At 33 inches in size, they are wide enough to accommodate your cookware and feature a classic design.

Fireclay is molded at very high temperatures to provide this smooth, solid surface. Furthermore, it is extremely durable and has high resistance to scratches, cracks, and corrosion. It is also resistant to impact and thermal shock, which increases durability.

Due to its extra-thick walls and bottom, an extended flange will be required if you add a garbage disposal to this sink. A drain kit is not included with this model, but a stainless steel basket strainer is. The package also includes the installation instruction with it so that you can easily install it at home without any hurdle.

This sink is available in the classic white color of most farm’s apron fireclay sinks. It also offers options for your kitchen style, as it can be installed on both sides.

Also, a drain strainer is already included in the package. You can use it to keep your drain clean and unclogged without spending extra money on it.

Overall, we found this to be a very useful and attractive addition, compatible with Insinkerator, Moen, and garbage bags. We found a minor issue with the grates placed inside the sink. It has no footrest and therefore tilts to one side if you place heavy dishes on it. The footrests should be placed close to the center, allowing you to work with peace of mind.


  • Made in Italy
  • Basket filter included
  • Metal grill included
  • White refractory clay
  • Well packaged for safe delivery
  • Fluted side and smooth side
  • Shot at 1700 degrees
  • One year warranty
  • Comes with expert installation options
  • Thick walls

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  • A stainless steel basket strainer is included for added convenience.
  • It comes with a protective metal grill with rubber feet to reduce noise.
  • Genuine fireclay has been fired at 1700 degrees for stability and durability.
  • It has a one-year warranty for your peace of mind
  • The single bowl is versatile and has been made in Italy with care.
  • It is very easy to install and handle as compared to other models at this price.
  • The sink is well packed to prevent cracking during shipping.
  • The sides and bottom of the sink are thick and sturdy.


  • May drain more slowly due to flat bottom
  • Expensive

BOCCHI 1139 Best Double Bowl Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

best double bowl farmhouse sink fireclay

Another fireclay sink from BOCCHI is in our top 10. Besides its material, what we like the most about this product is the variety of colors in which it is available.

This one is also roomy enough that you can easily wash large pots without splashing water on your countertops. Like the other fireclay sink from BOCCHI, this one is also a beautiful sink.

Every Bocchi sink comes with this great feature that prevents dirt from sticking to the sink’s surface. It gets even better when you add Super Smooth Surface technology. And, of course, that makes cleaning a no-brainer.

Because it looks great too, you can get it in different colors too. It is available in Biscuit for a greyish tone, in Glossy Black for an intense look, in Matte Brown and Matte White, and in Dark Gray or Standard White to suit any décor.

Along with the bottom rack that prevents direct contact with dishes and kitchen utensils, this sink becomes a must-have option for anyone on a budget and short on closet space.

It is also highly resistant to heat, chipping, fading, and cracking, even during extreme temperature variations and impacts. Its installation is a little bit difficult as it requires some effort and techniques. Overall, this is a great option to consider if you are looking for a beautiful and durable double bowl farmhouse sink.


  • The material used: fine organic fireclay cast under high pressure
  • 100% non-porous surface
  • Glossy finish
  • Very resistant to heat and shocks
  • Dimensions: 33 “x 18” x 10 “
  • Color Options: White, Matte Brown, Matte Gray, Sapphire Blue


  • Repellent naturally against heat and stain
  • Chipping and discoloration resistant
  • Big and spacious
  • Easy to clean
  • Elegant design


  • Difficult to install
  • It can be scratched with improper care

Kitchen Sink Houzer PTG-4300 BQ Platus Fireclay Series With Front Apron

best value for a farmhouse fireclay kitchen sink

Make no mistake about the name – the Houzer PTG-4300 is one of the most attractive models on the market. Part of the Platus series, this unique fireclay farmhouse sink offers a stunning design. It has a 10mm radius at the corners that offers a European-style design. It pairs well with the flush apron, making it attractive yet stylish enough for any kitchen.

The ending doesn’t disappoint either. You get a sleek, shiny design that adds to your overall appeal. It shines and offers the ability to clean in no time. And, of course, you will never see a single food residue stuck to the surface.

To make it even better, you can add some attractive color options: biscuit, black, gray, and white. No matter how you decorate your kitchen, there is a PTG-4300 BQ sink to make it work.

Other than all that, you can expect this sink to be one of the most durable. It combines fireclay with a unique mineral mix that increases overall toughness. Shot at 2200 degrees Fahrenheit guarantees maximum resistance to temperature, scratches, and stains.

A few models match the Houzer PTG-4300 BQ from the Platus series when it comes to gorgeous and incredibly durable fireclay sinks.


  • 3 to ½ inch drain connection
  • Made with real fireclay
  • It comes with all the accessories and hardware necessary for assembly.
  • ISO certificate
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Robust and durable, preserving its shine
  • Unique sink design offers more workspace
  • Optimal emptying capacity due to its central emptying location
  • Absolutely Ideal for any modern kitchen
  • Attractive with a traditional touch


  • The dark liquid will stain it if you don’t rinse it off immediately
  • Highest price

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Kraus KFR1-33GWH Turino fireclay Sink

best rated fireclay farmhouse sink

It’s no secret that Kraus kitchen sinks are a popular choice with most homeowners today. This Kraus KFR1-33GWH farmhouse sink is not at all of a different kind. This classic-looking product is not only versatile but also extremely practical.

The Kraus White Farmhouse Sink is transitional and contemporary in every way you want it. Its subtle appearance complements a wide range of kitchen decorations.

This 33-inch farmhouse sink features a single-bowl design. Of course, it is roomy enough to handle your larger cookware easily. High-quality fireclay and advanced glazing technology make this product perfect for heavy use.

This sink is packed with benefits, and one of the most important is that it won’t splinter, crack or warp, even if you store heavy utensils in it. The surface is highly scratch-resistant and will look new for a long time.

To further improve its efficiency, it comes with a stainless steel grill. The grill has rubber bumpers, so it won’t scratch the surface when loaded with pots and pans. It also prevents the pans from touching the fireclay base, avoiding splinters.

The extra thick and glossy enamel finish provides unmatched protection against stains and scratches. The ultra-fine fireclay construction also does a great job of preventing yellowing and cracking.

It made your sink design is custom made that can change the look of your place. Allows you to choose between a flat or rounded apron to match your kitchen style.

A useful feature of this sink is its slightly sloping bottom with an optimized angle. Promotes drainage. Plus, it prevents delicate glassware from tipping over in the sink.


  • Handmade in Italy
  • High-quality fireclay component
  • Cooked at high temperatures of 2300 ° F
  • Heat resistant up to 300 degrees F
  • Smart reversible design
  • Straight sides
  • Well rounded corners
  • Extra deep single bowl


  • Deep and spacious
  • Various installation options
  • Repellent against thermal shock
  • Resistant to warping, cracking, chipping, and cracking
  • The frosting will not turn yellow over time.
  • Very scratch-resistant
  • Top drainage
  • Stainless steel dish rack included.


  • Very heavy
  • High price

Whitehaus WHQDB332-BK Quatro Alcove

best fireclay reversible farmhouse sink

Whitehaus Collection is one of the market leaders in household, kitchen, and bathroom appliances and sinks. The WHQDB332-BK is one of the best black fireclay farmhouse sinks available.

Crafted from natural clay, this white fireclay farmhouse sink has proven to be durable. It can resist very high temperatures as well.

The appearance of this product is exceptional and eye-catching at first glance! The polished, elegant, and shiny finish makes it visibly very attractive. Plus, the gorgeous black finish looks amazing on any kitchen décor.

In fact, it feels like you are using a versatile design having a reversible design kitchen sink is like having two sinks for the price of one.

This Quatro alcove is a reversible sink with a ribbed front skirt. Features a 2-inch trim on one side and a 2.5-inch trim on the opposite side. Finishing on all four sides allows you to install it however you like.

The double-bowl design is multi-tasking and convenient to use. Both bowls are the same depth and size. By the way, there is a center wall (slightly hollowed out) to give it more versatility.

Both bowls are the same in size and depth as well. Keep one bowl empty while using the other, or use both bowls for different tasks simultaneously. The center divider, also made from fireclay, has a subtle curve that adds an elegant touch to an otherwise basic sink.

Each drain is standard size and can be installed in a waste disposal unit if you prefer. The corners of each bowl are slightly rounded for a smoother appearance and better drainage.


  • Double bowl style
  • Polishing and finishing on all sides of the sink.
  • Each bowl is the same size and depth.
  • Curved center divider
  • It can be installed with the ribbed or smooth side
  • Authentic White Refractory Clay
  • Uses a standard flange for debris removal
  • One-year warranty for manufacturing defects
  • Comes with expert installation options


  • Unique model
  • Splendid
  • Well made and durable
  • Temperature resistant
  • Requires low maintenance in the long run
  • Easy to install


  • Grilles and drains are not included.
  • It does not come with a jig to cut the cabinet.

Latoscana LFS3318W Fireclay Reversible Farmhouse Sink

top value for a farmhouse fireclay kitchen sink

There are many good things about the Latoscana farmhouse sink, but the unique feature is its reversible nature. Then you can choose the smooth or ribbed finish for the facade. Additionally, the sink has three mounting options, including under, under the counter, and above. It weighs 85 pounds. Therefore, two people are required for installation.

The Latoscana sink is ten inches deep, which is perfect for accommodating large pots and other utensils. It is easy to clean and does not scratch easily. You should be very careful while cleaning it with any chemical or abrasive materials.
Due to the white finish, this farmhouse sink will blend in with any kitchen décor. Its Italian craftsmanship is beautiful and elegant. Overall, this is an authentic fireclay sink that changes the design of a slap in the kitchen.

Add a touch of elegance to your kitchen with its rounded corners and shaped apron. Indeed, you get the classic white surface that does not stain or scratch. And what’s even better, it will keep its polished look for years to come, even if you want to place it elsewhere.

Adding all this to its exceptional price, you will be totally delighted with your choice. For those who do not want to waste a second of use and give the maximum value for their money, this model will not disappoint.


  • Simple yet aesthetic front apron design
  • Spacious 27-inch long design
  • Decent for its size and quality
  • Scratch-resistant and smudge-free surface


  • Reversible design for the ribbed or smooth facade
  • Suitable for large pots and pans due to its great depth
  • An elegant white finish complements any interior


  • No overflow
  • Heavy

Barclay FS30 White Fire Clay Farmer Sink

best fireclay farmhouse sink brand

Barclay is a brand known for its high-quality products, and the FS30 single bowl unit is a prime example of their finesse. It has a heavy and dumpy body that is repellent against all kinds of wear and tear. We found it to be the very settled choice for modern places.

This product has a great benefit. With an off-center drain, you can use it as a double bowl sink. If you are confused between a single sink and a double sink, this might be the best compromise.

Put the dishes on one side and wash them on the other. The hole can be held to the left or right, depending on how you install it. Since it can be installed in either direction, there should be no problem.

The lack of a barrier is helpful as you may have to work with large platters and plates. They can be easily moved and washed inside the sink without spilling water around them.

Also, it is very easy to cleanse the body. All you have to do is wipe it with a damp cloth, and that should remove all the stains. For dark-colored liquids, wipe them off immediately, and there will be no marks.

The only problem with this product was that the drain assembly units were not included. These had to be purchased separately, resulting in increased costs, and we were unable to install the sink right away. But now that you know you are ordering the units with the product, it should save you time.


  • Compensated drainage
  • Simple bowl style
  • Identical on both sides for easy installation
  • Easy to use for waste disposal
  • No extended flange required
  • Glossy and smooth frosting
  • Refractory clay white color
  • Comes with expert installation options
  • Heavy and sturdy


  • Off-center drain offers dual-bowl functionality
  • Perfect for professional and personal use
  • Chipping and cracking resistant
  • Easy to clean


  • Drain assembly units are not included

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How Are Fireclay Sink Materials Made And Their Designs?

Fireclay is a type of clay that goes through a rigorous heating process. Unlike other sculpted or cast sinks, a fireclay sink uses cast iron to achieve its shape. The clay itself undergoes a molding process at inhuman temperatures.

Once the clay has reached the desired look and shape, it can begin to dry. Each fireclay sink takes approximately 2 days to dry with constant exposure to medium heat levels. After 2 days of drying, the sink goes into an oven to “cook” with a layer of enamel. The furnace burns at about 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

The sink remains in the oven at this temperature for 1 day. When the cooking process is complete, you have a complete fireclay sink with a porcelain liner.

Fireclay farmhouse sinks are also available in single and double sink styles. Let’s take a look at the best fireclay agricultural sink models for your home.

Nature Inspired Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

Nature-inspired motifs, such as vine motifs, were popular in royal palaces in Italy. Today you can buy these same vine designs created in Italian villages.

In the sink, you will see and smell the etched vines. The design illustrates the craftsmanship of European artisans.

These fireclay sinks are made from the most exclusive fireclay. If this design is good enough for royalty, you will like it in your home. And if you have one, you will notice the abundance of space for food preparation and cleaning.

Unique Bowl Style Ribbed Apron

What makes these sinks unique is their ribbed apron design. This design style seen on the front of the sink distinguishes fluted apron styles from other sink designs.

However, whether you opt for a smaller or larger sink, you will benefit from the same high standards of production excellence used to create fireclay farmhouse sinks.

The process increases the longevity of your sink so that it will last for many years. With proper maintenance, it can last for generations.

Decorative Double Basin Fireclay Sinks

This fireclay sink with a second sink makes food preparation and cleanup easy. The design is elegant, with a decorative border along with the front skirt. This means that you can choose which bowl you prefer to use on each side. Another great quality of this sink: it is reversible. This provides versatility with your waste disposal.

Hollow Walls And Rounded Corners

While a fireclay sink is lightweight, a hollow-sided sink makes this sink even lighter. Yes, it is a breath of fresh air to install. However, it is not a lightweight product. It remains a strong and durable sink.

In addition, its rounded corners increase the ease of use of the sink for food preparation and cleaning. This makes this design a wonderful product in a busy and busy kitchen.

Vaulted Fireclay Sinks

A domed fireclay sink houses a sleek and elegant design. This sink can be positioned so that the smooth section of the sink is facing you.

This arched fireclay sink design houses a slightly larger sink to one side of the sink. It is sloped with a slope between the two sides, giving it character and making it easy to move from one side to the other.

Decorative Apron Bowl Sink

Guaranteed to refresh your kitchen, this fireclay sink features a decorative pattern that you will love. It looks like a work of art! This detail is visible on the front of the sink, where it can be seen every day.

The single bowl decorative apron sink is easy to connect to your drains. And, of course, it also connects to your waste disposal with ease.

Farmhouse Fireclay Sinks With Squeegees For Additional Drying Space

One of the best models of farmhouse fireclay sinks comes with a drainer. This specialized design keeps more water in your sink than it does on your countertop.

Plus, the design provides additional space to dry your delicate and precious dishes and silverware that you wouldn’t consider putting in the dishwasher.

Fireclay Farmhouse Sinks Benefits

  1. Fireclay sinks are durable and last a lifetime
  2. They come in a variety of colors to fit any kitchen design
  3. Fireclay is less porous than other materials, which means it doesn’t stain as easily and you don’t have to worry about bacteria buildup
  4. The material is naturally resistant to bacteria, mold, mildew, and lime scale buildup because it’s made from natural clays that contain minerals like iron oxide
  5. It can be used for both residential and commercial purposes with little maintenance required
  6. Fireclay sinks are available in different sizes including single bowl or double-bowl designs; they also come with a rimless option if you want your sink edges exposed or if you’re going for an industrial look.


If you’ve decided to purchase a fireclay sink for your new remodeled kitchen, now is the time to make your choice. But don’t be too quick to do it, take your time and choose by following our advice. Remember, the best fireclay farmhouse sink is the one that meets all of your requirements on top of everything else.

Read our reviews to learn more about the best sinks. Then check out our buying guide to learn more about the best models. And finish with our frequently asked questions section to clear your doubts.

After that, you will probably get closer to the final decision and the best. So don’t waste your time trying to choose the best for some unimportant reason. Instead, follow our advice, and you will get the one that’s right for you. So, what are you waiting for? The ideal fireclay farmhouse sink awaits you.

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Fireclay Farmhouse Sinks Cautions – Things to Remember

  • Know what size you need for your sink
  • Fireclay sinks are not recommended for outdoor use
  • Be careful with the type of soap or cleaner you use on a fireclay sink – they may cause damage to the finish
  • If your fireclay sink is damaged, don’t try to repair it yourself – contact a professional plumber instead
  • Don’t put hot pots or pans directly onto a fireclay surface as this can cause cracks and other damage over time
  • Be mindful of how many people will be using the kitchen at once and make sure there’s enough space in front of the sink for them all to work comfortably

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How Much Does a Farmhouse Style Fireclay Sink Cost?

Certainly, there is no specific price range for this type of sink.

The price varies according to the brand, model, design, and size. However, for a quality fireclay sink, you may need to invest an amount of $ 400 to more than $ 1,000.

What type of faucet is compatible with the fireclay farmhouse sink?

Fireclay sinks generally do not include holes for mounting the faucet. For this reason, a countertop or wall faucet is necessary. Unfortunately, choosing the right kitchen faucet for your farm’s fireclay sink is tricky and sometimes overwhelming. In fact, it depends on the styles, finishes, colors, and features of your sink and, of course, your budget.

The faucet should match the finish of the kitchen hardware and sink fixtures for a pleasing aesthetic.

Is it suggestible to use a garbage disposal with a fireclay kitchen sink?

Yes. Just be sure to use one that is compatible with the fireclay. Due to the thicker nature of the fireclay, your sink may require special drainage inserts and accessories.

What color options are available for a fireclay farmhouse sink?

Unfortunately, fireclay sinks are limited to white and off-white (aka cookie or cream color) regarding color options. However, some manufacturers also offer blue and black finishes, although less common.

Are Farmhouse Fireclay Sinks Ultra Durable?

In fact, fireclay farmhouse sinks are known for their high durability. If you follow the manufacturer’s care instructions, your sinks will not only look great, and they will last for decades, too.

Are our fireclay sinks stained?

The white surface of your farmhouse fireclay sink can stain if not properly maintained. However, you can easily vanish stains to keep your sink glossy clean.

Is it possible to install a fireclay farmhouse sink in existing cabinets?

Yes, you can. But it may need some touch-ups. For example, you may need to build a supporting structure for fireclay sinks because they are heavy. Farmhouse sinks have a deep bowl. Therefore, you may need to shrink the cabinet. You may also need to reinstall the drain pipes.

Does the fireclay farmhouse style sink require a special cabinet to install?

Yes. For the installation of a new kitchen, you can order a custom-made farmhouse sink cabinet. However, if you plan to install it in an existing cabinet, you will need to rework the cabinet doors, cabinet face, etc.

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