Fireclay vs Cast Iron Sink – Which One to Choose?

Comparison of fireclay and cast iron sinks

Are you thinking to buy a new kitchen sink, but finding yourself unable to decide which is the best option; a fireclay sink or a cast iron sink? Our detailed comparison of fireclay vs cast iron sink will surely help you understand the pros and cons of both these sink types and also the basic differences between the two.

The fact is, while working in the kitchen, the kitchen sink is the most used feature. Therefore, choosing the best kitchen sink is quite significant. However, when it comes to making a choice between a fireclay sink and a cast iron sink, you should first go through a comparison of fireclay vs cast iron sink.

Before we delineate the differentiating features, let us give you some basic introduction to fireclay and cast iron sinks.


Fireclay Sinks

Fireclay is made by heating clay-based ceramics at high temperatures in a kiln. Although it is ceramic, this does not mean that it can be easily broken. The firing process used in the manufacture of fireclay fuses the glaze into the clay to improve the strength and durability of the sink.

The material used to make fireclay is very flexible and can be molded into any shape. This leads to a creative approach in kitchen designing. Fireclay sinks are lightweight and less expensive than cast iron sinks. These sinks add a charming farmhouse appeal to any kitchen interior.

fireclay workstation sink

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Cast Iron Sinks

The material of these sinks is heavy, strong and durable, and can be used in your kitchen for years. However, it also has its shortcomings. When cast iron is cast, it is covered with a durable coating made of enamel. In the beginning, this coating is very bright white and shiny. However, it is quite difficult to maintain the original look of the enamel coating. Over time, the enamel will wear out or chip, which may cause rust. These marks are particularly noticeable due to the darker color of the iron below.

The heavyweight of cast iron sinks is also an important point to consider. Owing to its large weight, homeowners find it troublesome to move, position, or install a cast iron sink.

Cast iron sinks are one the most expensive sink options available in the market. These sinks are the best ones for those who can afford them and know how to maintain the elegant finish and look of the classic cast iron sinks.

Cast iron sink

Fireclay Sink vs Cast iron Sink

Following are the key differences between fireclay and cast iron sinks that will help you find the better one according to your budget and other preferences.


Fireclay sinks are lighter than their cast iron counterparts.

This leads to easy handling of these sinks. On the other hand, cast iron sinks are quite heavy, thus difficult to handle. However, the heavyweight of cast iron sinks adds to their durability and strength.

Fireclay sinks weigh about 150 lbs whereas their cast iron counterparts can weigh up to 250 lbs.


The heavy weight of cast iron sinks makes them difficult to handle and install.

Cast iron sinks require more support and professional installation as compared to fireclay sinks. A cast iron sink can be mounted in drop-in, undermount, and apron front styles.

However, a fireclay sink weighs comparatively less than a cast iron sink, thus it is easier to handle and install. Fireclay sinks also feature similar installation methods as cast iron sinks. Fireclay sinks also require professional installation due to their large size.


Fireclay sinks tend to be on the expensive side.

When it comes to the price, both fireclay sinks and cast iron sinks have various designs with different prices. However, the cost of a cast iron sink ranges from 300 dollars to 700 dollars.

As fireclay sinks are purely handcrafted, therefore they are sold at greater prices. On average, the price of fireclay sinks starts from 600 dollars. Moreover, some fireclay sinks are also worth 1000 dollars.


Fireclay sinks rank the best when it comes to durability.

Cast iron sinks are also quite strong and durable while resisting breakage and dents. However, their enamel coating can be chipped off with time, which exposes the iron underneath. This negatively affects the entire look of the sink. Moreover, the exposed iron also becomes susceptible to rust.

In contrast, to cast iron sinks, fireclay sinks do not have an enamel coating that can wear off with time. Therefore, they last a lifetime and do not rust easily.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Fireclay sinks are easier to maintain.

Fireclay sinks are quite easy to clean and their smooth surface can be wiped easily. They do not get rusted or stained easily, so they require little maintenance.

On the other hand; cast iron sinks are susceptible to rust so they require gentle cleaning. For cleaning a cast iron sink, you should not use abrasive cleaners as they will destroy the enamel coating present on the sink surface.i


Cast iron sinks are the best for all kitchen interiors.

If you love to match every feature of your kitchen to your kitchen interior, you might love a cast iron sink, as these sinks come in a variety of colors and designs. You can easily choose one that fits well with your kitchen decor.

However, that is not the case with fireclay sinks, as these sinks usually come in white color and do not have a polished look on their surface.

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Pros and Cons of Fireclay Sinks

  • Easy to Installation
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to clean
  • No polished look
  • Most fireclay sinks are in just farmhouse style
  • Handcrafted, so they may not have accurate size and dimensions

Pros and Cons of Cast Iron Sinks

  • Polished look
  • Come in all sizes and dimensions
  • Various colors and designs
  • Less expensive
  • Need professional installation
  • Quite heavy
  • Enamel can chip off with time

Is fireclay sinks durable?

Homeowners are looking for the best sink material that will last their lifetime. Fireclay sinks are a great choice because they can withstand many years of use and abuse without any problems. They’re also very easy to keep clean and maintain with just a little bit of care every so often. Another reason why fireclay is such an attractive option is that it’s resistant to chipping or cracking, which means you won’t have to worry about replacing your kitchen sink anytime soon!

The durability of a fireclay sink depends on how much it is used, but most will last for generations. These sinks are made from compressed clay and do not have any metal parts that can rust. They also feature an aluminous coating to protect them from stains.

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The kitchen sink is the most used feature of your kitchen. Therefore, you should choose the best and durable sink material for your kitchen. Both fireclay and cast iron are strong and heavy-duty kitchen sink materials.

However, while comparing fireclay vs cast iron sink, it is evident that a cast iron sink is the best for its cost and customization. Whereas, a fireclay sink wins out for being more durable, thereby requiring little maintenance.

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