How to Install a Drop-in Kitchen Sink – Easy Installation Guide

installation guide for new drop in kitchen sink or top mount kitchen sink

Have you bought a new kitchen sink and now looking for some easy steps to install it? We have made the process easy for you. Just read the following guide and install your drop-in kitchen sink with no frustration.

How to install undermount (counter top) kitchen sink

Installation of Kitchen Sink in a Few Easy-to-Follow Steps

The first thing you have to do is to prepare yourself and your countertop for the new sink. Then read the manufacturer’s instructions provided in the kitchen sink package.

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1. Measure your existing sink

Measuring the old kitchen sink may help you know whether your countertop needs to be modified for the new sink or not. If the dimensions end up being different from the one you have purchased, you will have to modify the countertop opening and plumbing.

2. Remove the old sink

Don’t forget to take a picture of the kitchen sink plumbing configuration before you remove the old sink. This will serve as a reference during reassembling of the plumbing later. Remove the sink after making the following disconnections.

removing the old sink of your kitchen
  • Turn off the water supply

Turn off both cold and hot water lines. You can find the valves below the sink. Also, disconnect the water supply to the lines with the help of adjustable wrenches. You can also switch off the main water line if you cannot find valves under the sink.

  • Turn on the faucet to relieve the pressure

Keep a small bucket under the faucet to collect any remaining water in the supply line and then turn it on.

  • Disconnect the garbage disposal

Keep a bucket under the garbage disposal to collect excess dripping water. Now turn off the circuit, unplug and disconnect the garbage disposal. Disconnect the drain pipe and P-trap from the kitchen sink drain with the help of pliers.

  • Disconnect the dishwasher line

Now, you will disconnect your dishwasher line by removing it.

  • Remove the garbage disposal

Read the manufacturer’s instructions before removing the garbage disposal. You can also search for them on the manufacturer’s website. However, most disposals can be removed by loosening them at the mounting bracket connection and then twisting them off.

Now, loosen the metal clips located below the sink with the help of a screwdriver or a socket wrench. Cut the caulk around the sink with the help of a utility knife.

3. Check the Countertop Cutout

Fit your new drop-in kitchen sink into the countertop opening to check if it fits properly into the opening. If the opening turns out to be small, trace the outline and make a cutout in the countertop using a jigsaw.

4. Attach the clips

Remove the sink from the countertop to attach the clips tunrned inward towards the sink bowl.

5. Install the faucet and drain strainer

Install the faucet by inserting it into the faucet hole. Make sure all the additional components are also attached. Use a small amount of plumbers putty around the drain strainer and install it.

6. Secure the rubber gaskets

Tilt the kitchen sink to secure the rubber gaskets to the lower side of the sink drain.

7. Clean Everything

Clean any excess putty or dust over the drain and sink using a soft towel.

8. Install the Disposal Mount

You can use a screwdriver to install the mounting bracket to the underside of the kitchen sink.

9. Install the Drop-in Kitchen Sink Basin in the Countertop Opening

Apply silicone sealant to seal the edges of the basin. Align the sink in place by lowering it onto the countertop. Rotate the metal clips from below the sink and tighten the nuts.

Now, fix the kitchen sink plumbing with the help of your picture taken in step 2.

10. Attach the water lines and Install the Garbage Disposal

Attach the water supply lines to the faucet and other pipes. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install the disposal. Insert the discharge pipe and then tighten the clamp.

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11. Reinstall the dishwasher line

Insert the dishwasher line to install it. Now, connect the discharge pipe and re-attach the P-trap.

12. Seal the sink perimeter

Use a small amount if sealant on the perimeter of the sink to seal it.

13. Reconnect the disposal and water line

Turn on the garbage disposal and water supply. Check for water leaks, if any.

guide line for installing drop-in kitchen sink or countertop sink

You have done a good job. Your drop-in sink is now ready to use!

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