How to Plumb a 3 Compartment Sink – 6 Easy-to-Follow Steps

How to plumb a 3 compartment sink

In this modern era, homeowners or business owners find their ease in every aspect of daily routine tasks. Nowadays, three-compartment sinks have become quite popular for farmhouses, homes, and business kitchens. So, with the passage of time, everything needs repair and maintenance to increase its life. Therefore, if you have a 3 compartment sink at your farmhouse or business place, you may face a plumbing problem and wants to know how to plumb 3 Compartment sink. Three compartment kitchen sink plumbing is a little bit more difficult than any other common sink.

Generally speaking, once you know how sink pipes are laid out, it will be straightforward to plumb a 3 compartment sink. This type of sink plumbing varies according to different manufacturers or designs and setup of the sink. Additionally, it’s important to get advice from a plumbing contractor before the start a process.

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3 compartment sink plumbing
How to Plumb a 3 compartment sink – easy to follow steps

6 Easy to follow Steps to plumb a 3 Compartment Sink

There is a complete guide to plumb a 3 bay sink. You can follow these steps by doing it yourself.

Step 1: Plan the layout of the pipe

3 compartment sink set up
Layout for plumbing 3 compartment sink

Firstly, we have to set or target where will be the suitable path for the pipe. Ensure that the drain pipe running from the main waste stack to the cabinet housing the sink is about 2-inches under the floor. It’s important to lay your pipe in the shortest path possible before removing the flooring.

Once you have laid the pipe into the cabinet housing the 3 compartment sink, you now need to increase the pipe up to about 5-inches under the sink.

Step 2: Check 3 Compartment Sink’s Kit all Pieces

Secondly, we have to check our sink plumbing inventory. If we observe any installed three-compartment sink, we notice that it has an elbow, drain tailpiece, and center tee under the sink.

Now you connect the center tee to the center drain with the two drain tailpieces, whereas the elbow section connects the right and left bowls.

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Step 3: Pipe Marking

Now, insert the drain along with its tailpiece. Attach the P-trap assembly with the drain tailpiece. Next, you have to connect the PVC extension pipe to the end path of the P-trap.

Move the P-trap along with the PVC extension until it touches the drain pipe. After this, mark the pipes in places where they are to be cut. Cut the drainpipe, following the marks. Use a hack saw for this purpose. Make sure to remove any burrs with the help of sandpaper.

triple sink plumbing diagram
3 compartment sink drain (PVC pipe attached)

Step 4: PVC Pipe Cutting

Cut the PVC pipes in the marked areas. Use sandpaper to smooth the ends of the PVC pipe. The pipe will be burr-free. Try to focus that the cut piece of PVC pipes will joint the exact places you had marked. It’s time to identify the drain of your wall. Center-set drains can be installed directly with a P-trap kit, thus requiring no additional pieces.

Moreover, in the offset drains scenario, first install a P-trap kit, extend a flexible hose outside the wall, and drain the water. The drain of this type should be flexible enough to curve around to fit with wall outlets.

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Step 5: Sanitary Tee and PVC P-trap Installation

3 compartment sink drain assembly
3 compartment sink plumbing

Now it’s time to install a sanitary tee and PVC p-trap. With the sweep facing up, you should position the tee such that its outlet points to the p-trap. Never forget that the outlet pipe and the extension pipe will be of the same size. PVC cement is required to attach the tee and the drain pipe. Please tightly connect the tee and extension pipe connection.

On the centre-set tail, align the p-trap kit with the wall so that the bottom of the tail becomes a p-trap. You can use the tail extension piece to the sink drain’s bottom if necessary.

Step 6: Leakage Check

Finally, the 3 bay sink has been plumb, and now it’s time to check the leakages. If there is any leakage in the joint, you will tighten the connections.

3 Compartment Sink Plumbing Diagram

three bay sink plumbing diagram
3 compartment sink plumbing diagram
3 compartment plumbing diagram
three compartment sink drain assembly

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How to Properly Use a Three-Compartment Sink

  1. Discard any leftover food.
  2. Make sure to clean your dishes and utensils with warm water and soap in a first sink.
  3. Rinse the dishes/utensils in the second basin with clean water.
  4. The third sink should have hot water at a minimum temperature 171°F to sanitize dishes and utensils.

How Much Does a 3 Compartment Sink Cost?

  1. 3 compartment sinks are used in commercial kitchens, restaurants, and bars
  2. A basic 3 compartment sink can cost anywhere from $700 to $1,500 depending on the size of the sink
  3. Stainless steel is a popular material for these sinks because it’s durable and easy to clean
  4. Sinks with an overhanging lip are more expensive than those without one
  5. The price also depends on whether you want your sink pre-drilled or not
  6. There are many different styles available that will fit any budget, you may check the latest prices on Amazon.

Final verdict

Plumbing a 3 compartment kitchen sink is a difficult task. However, a proper plumbing guide may help you get this task done with less frustration. We have tried our best to guide you through each step. We assure you that with the help of this article, you will easily plumb your 3 compartment sink yourself.

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