How to Replace Water Filter Cartridges – Easy Steps to Do it Yourself

DIY tips to change the water filter cartridges

If you are tired of the tap water taste in your home, then it is likely time to change your water filter cartridges. You may be wondering how often I should replace my cartridges? Well, that all depends on a few factors. If you have hard water or notice some sediment buildup in the bottom of the tank, then it’s probably time for new filters. Just follow these easy steps, and soon enough, you’ll have clean filtered drinking water again!

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Steps to Change the Cartridges in Your Water Filter

I’m going to show you how easy it is to change your water filter cartridge. All we need now are some tools and the right instructions. So move on! It’s an easy job!

Step 1: Turn off the valve to cold water that feeds the filter.

Step 2: Take out any pressure in the pipe by shutting off the water supply adjacent to the filter and letting the valve remain open. Certain filter models include an air vent at the top of the filter that can be pressed to release pressure after cutting off water flow.

Step 3: Rotate the sump counterclockwise using the wrench included with the filter to remove the filter. Be aware that if it’s full of water. It is possible to put the sump inside a bucket to avoid spilling water.

Step 4: Remove the O-ring seal.

Step 5: Remove and dispose off the cartridge that was used for the filter you used.

Step 6: Clean the inside of the sump by using hot soapy water.  Clean it well. Be sure to shut the water in the sink you’re working in and have an alternate water source.

Step 7: Make sure the filter is soaked before installation and place the new cartridge into the sump. Check the markings at the bottom of the cartridge. This will determine the intended direction of installation, which will help you place the cartridge in the proper direction.

Step 8: Cleanse the O-ring using transparent silicone grease. Be sure that it is placed perfectly within the groove.

Step 9: Make sure that the sump is in line with an appropriate filter head. Screw it back.

Step 10: Be sure to tighten the sump only manually and then turn it counterclockwise.

Step 11: The sump should be marked with masking tape, marking it with today’s date.

Step 12: Let the valve open slowly, then slowly fill the filter. If you have vent valves, you can keep it closed while the filter fills to stop air from getting into the line. The faucet should be shut off when the air is gone.

Step 13: After turning off the faucets, inspect the unit for leaks.  

Step 14: The water must be run for five minutes to get rid of the waste within the cartridge.

Tips to Repressurize your Filter’s Bladder Tank

If you have a reverse osmosis filtration system, this is a great time to repressurize your water filter tank. Just follow these basic instructions to accomplish the task.


  1. Once your filters are changed, and the water supply is off, remove the water from the tank using the designated RO faucet located at the sink.
  2. Utilizing a gauge for fine pressure check the pressure through the small pin valve located at the lower side of the tank. The pressure should range from 10-12 psi.
  3. If the pressure is less than 10psi, shut off the tank, and close the valve located at the top of the tank.
  4. With a small compressor , connect it to the tank pin valve. Re-pressurize slowly, checking at intervals of 15 minutes to make sure that you don’t put too much air into the tank since the bladder inside might rupture.  
  5. When you’ve reached the required pressure, you can replace the black cover that covers the pin valve. Connect the tank, and then open the valve that is located on the top of the tank.
  6.  It can take around 2 hours for the tank to be filled with water. Take out the first tank full of water to remove the filter. The water in second tank is now ready to drink.

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Brief Summary – DIY Tips to Change Water Filter Cartridges

You can change your water filter cartridges in a few easy steps:

First, turn off the water supply to your house and remove any hoses attached to the faucet. Second, remove the old cartridge from its housing and discard it in a sealed trash bag or another airtight container. Third, take out the new cartridge and insert it into its housing or casing – make sure that you install it with the arrow pointing down towards the base of your home’s plumbing system. Fourth, attach any hoses back onto your faucet if necessary. And finally, turn on your water supply again at the main valve until there is no longer any air inside of pipes before heading over.

Wrap Up

Changing your water filter cartridge is a small but important step to take in order to maintain the quality of your drinking and cooking water. It’s an easy process too – You have to follow these simple instructions from our blog and get the task done yourself.

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