Kohler Prolific Sink Review: Everything You Need to Know

Kohler Prolific Sink Overview

This Kohler Prolific Sink is a premium product, and it’s pretty expensive. But if you have a bigger budget for your kitchen renovation project, then this might be the best choice.

Product Summary

Aside from enhancing the sophistication and style of your kitchen, the Kohler K-5540-NA kitchen sink has a broad range of functions that will make kitchen work more manageable and dishwashing more fun. The sink can replace other kitchen sinks.

kohler prolific sink reviews

Product Description

The Kohler popular professional sink has a comprehensive interior and is typically installing using a drop-in or bottom installation method. It also generally includes a variety of accessories that make life more convenient for the operator. It intends to utilize in a variety of settings throughout the day. These applications can include everything from chopping veggies to emptying dishes.

Because of different use, workstation stainless steel sinks typically pack full of accessories that can store inside the sink. These parts can fit onto shelves in the sink and can design to be unobtrusive. The Kohler prolific sink outperforms all other types of kitchen sinks. When it comes to selecting a kitchen sink capable of handling various daily activities, the Kohler Prolific sink K-5540-NA is hard to beat. You may find out why I love it as well by reading the entire review.

kohler prolific kitchen sink review

Key Features

  • 33″ workstation sink
  • Heavy 17″ sink bowl that easily holds large goods
  • The product dimension is ‎38.38 Length x 24.38 Width x 13.38 Height in inches
  • The sink weight is 42 lbs
  • The color and material is stainless steel

Accessories: What Is Included With The Kohler Prolific Sinks?

Kohler offers plenty of gadgets to increase its usefulness. The following items are including with this model:

  • A bamboo chopping and cutting board for food preparation
  • A white sieve for draining vegetables and fruit
  • Two plastic covers for drying dishes
  • A solid white, holes-free wash container
kohler prolific accessories

You’ll be able to cook meals and clean up afterward in one room with these items. Even if you have a small kitchen or a small countertop, these additional work areas can provide you with more space.

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Benefits and Drawback of Kohler Prolific Sink


  • Extremely durable material
  • Simple installation
  • Fit with any kitchen design
  • Incredibly efficient unit


  • Quite tricky to clean the bottom

Design of Kohler Prolific Sink

·      Construction

This Kohler K-5540-NA Prolific 33-inch Stainless Steel Workplace Sink is constructing with high-quality materials. With a depth of 17 inches and a width of 33 inches, this sink is exceptionally spacious and capable of holding a large amount of water. Stainless steel is durable, so you can be sure it will endure longer.

With a decidedly modern appearance, this sink features sleek, clean edges that are masterfully crafted. The inner corners of this sink are pretty sharp, which contributes to its permanently clean and fresh appearance. The ledges integrate into the upper ledge to maximize convenience and style. When no accessories use with said sink, these ledges serve as another modern aesthetic feature.

·      Materials

This sink constructs entirely of 18-gauge stainless steel. A lower number indicates that the steel is more robust and thicker. The 18-gauge standard stainless steel is sturdy enough to sustain daily usage, but it is also malleable to twist into modern, pointed lines.

The sink is hard to bend or dent if a dish or cup drops on it accidentally because of its durability and strength. Additionally, it features a scratch-resistant coating that guards against surface marring.

·      Durability

The Kohler sink is known for being quite durable while also being very stylish. The coating on this unit keeps it from being stained and makes cleaning a breeze. In addition to a single sink protector, this package has dual plastic grids that can serve as a sink protector, increasing the longevity of your sink. To avoid causing permanent damage to my sink, I am using a grid to catch anything I could drop.

Additionally, the 18-gauge stainless steel is remarkably robust. The durable, strong stainless steel is commonly utilizing in industrial applications. Because it does not rust when it gets into touch with water, it is unlike other metals. The surface of this sink is tough to scratch or visually mark due to its brushed finish. A sink with these attributes is long-lasting and resilient.

·      Versatility

It is impossible to overestimate the adaptability of the prolific sink, and the K-5540 model is an excellent illustration of this. You will have more counter areas to work on, but you will also have more alternatives within the sink itself, which is a bonus. 

They can hang or set plates to drip dry on one of the ledges above the sink or safeguard plates at the sink’s bottom. Furthermore, the chopping board and drying racks are straightforward to use. Because of the varying heights of the internal ledges, you will have no trouble storing all of your accessories within the sink’s interior. It frees up room in your closets and drawers for other things.

kohler workstation sink

Performance of Kohler Prolific Kitchen Sink: Is This Really The Best Kitchen Sink on the Market?

·      Soundproofing

When a plate or piece of cutlery toss into a sink, a loud clatter occurs, frightening everyone nearby. However, you won’t need to worry about that with this sink because of SilentShield technology insulation at the side and bottom of the Kohler sink. It implies that when something falls into the sink, all sound is absorbed totally. Liner design can absorb the running water sound. It is easy to wash your hands while talking to someone because the sink is within arm’s reach.

·      Drainage

The sink has a deep drain, so drainage is essential. The sink in this room has a drain in the middle of the basin. Due to gravity’s natural pull on objects, a drain in the middle is more effective at draining water than drains positioned away from the centre.

The sink’s bottom also inclines slightly toward the drain. The grade of this slope is hardly noticeable, but it enables the flow of water and trash to the middle. It’s sunken in even more around the drain for further benefit.

Although this model does not have a complete drain assembly, its size is to industry standards, the standard drain kits from retail stores are well-suited to this sink.

Installation of Kohler Prolific Sink

Several features of the sink, but not the installation, may be neglected in a standard prolific sink review. When the time comes to install this sink in my kitchen, I will want something quick and straightforward to install.

The K-5540 Kohler sink, which is mean to mount underneath a counter, may need brackets or screws to hold it in place. This sink will install in a cabinet with a minimum width of 33 inches. Thirty-six inches is the optimal maximum. It has a very typical size for under-mount sinks.

Maintenance of Kohler Prolific Kitchen Sink Series

In order to maintain its most pleasing appearance, a workstation sink must keep clean and organized, especially given how frequently it will be using. Workstation sinks with different levels and ledges will have individual features.  These several levels help accommodate accessories of varying heights. Because there are more ledges, there are more spots to clean.

The sink’s modern and sleek style includes edges with no radius. The corners are thus not round. Cleaning the inside corners will require special attention. In my opinion, the sink’s stainless steel only needs a daily cleaning with water and soap. Avoid putting anything that could mar the finish in the laundry. Do not use harsh cleaning materials when cleaning the interior. You can disinfect with bleach, and a rag will usually clear up any spills or stains.

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kohler stainless steel kitchen sinks reviews

Final Thoughts

It is an excellent choice for any kitchen and would be ideal for most people, in addition to being functional and adaptable. You will get everything you need in the box, including a chopping board, drying racks, colander, and washbasin. These elements will expand your kitchen counter area and enhance its efficiency. If you’re considering this Kohler sink, we hope that this Kohler sink review will help you decide if it is suitable for your workstation.

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