Types of Kitchen Sinks – Based on Installation and Configuration

When selecting the best sink, it should be more than physically appealing. Therefore, Understanding types of the kitchen sinks is quite important.
types of kitchen sinks - comparison

When you are going to renovate or build a new kitchen, kitchen sink design and material play a critical role in enhancing your kitchen’s beauty.  And when selecting the best sink, it should be more than physically appealing. It should work perfectly with your chosen kitchen faucet. It should also be efficient in manipulating all the dedicated functions you have planned on utilizing within its body. Understanding types of the kitchen sinks based on configuration and installation is quite important.

The questions you should consider while aiming to buy the kitchen sinks.

  • Can it be easily cleaned?
  • Do you use the kitchen sink for dirty dishes and food prep or other than this?
  • Is this heat resistant?
  • What should be the ideal size of kitchen sink for your kitchen?
  • Do you have a dishwasher?
  • Will you be going to wash your pet in this sink?

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Now, we will describe different types of kitchen sinks that will help you understand each type before making a purchase. Sinks are categorized with different formats and materials like a single bowl, double bowl, drop-in, undermount, stainless steel, copper sink, granite composite sink, cast iron, and many more.

types of kitchen sinks - based on installation and configuration
Types of Kitchen Sink – Find out the best sink option for your kitchen

This article will help you choose the perfect sink option for remodeling or making a new kitchen.

Types Based On Installation

Kitchen sinks can be divided into three types on the basis of their installation or mounting style in the kitchen countertop.

The Undermount Sink

An undermount sink name itself tells that these types of sinks are attached underneath your kitchen’s countertop. It is opposite of top-mount kitchen sinks. There is no rim in it. It means the edges of the countertop drop off directly above the sink. The main advantage of these undermount sinks is that you can wipe countertop water and crumbs easily into the sink with a sponge or any other surface cleaner mat.

Undermount Kitchen Sink -kitchen sink types

They are often of higher quality than top-mount or drop-in kitchen sinks. Many buyers choose undermount sinks due to their modern look and easy cleaning. It doesn’t have grooves where water or crumbs can store.

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Everything is not perfect; it also has some pros and cons while comparing them. One of the vital drawbacks is the cost of these undermount sinks. Moreover, these types of sinks need extra work and time to install. They should be properly glued to the underside of the counter. When installing a stainless steel sink, it may work only enough with glue, but a weighted sink like granite, cast iron, or fireclay needs a proper internal support system to carry these sinks.

Top-mount or Drop-in or Self-rimming

These top-mount sinks are also known as drop-in or self-rimming kitchen sinks. The most common type of kitchen sinks is Drop-in style sinks and install from the above countertop. These sinks have a rim or lip that carries the sink in place and produces an elegant look.

type of kitchen sink - Drop in / top mount / self rimming kitchen sink

The advantage drop-in sinks are inexpensive and relatively easy to fix them. The rim of overmount kitchen sink reduces the need for internal support under the counter. You can install it yourself by following the simple steps.

However, the rim area of the sink and counter can store crumb and dirt it. It is also cover some space on your countertop. With proper research, we conclude that top-mount sinks perfect suit for people who want a budget-friendly sink for their kitchen. They have a less sleek and modern look as undermount or farmhouse sinks. But they look lustrous in black color.

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The Farmhouse Sink

These kitchens sink, often known as Apron-Style Sinks. The main feature of the farmhouse sink is a big forward-facing section that cuts the portion of the counter. They are most probably the choice of people targeting a traditional or country-style design. It will create a rustic look and feel for your kitchen. These large-sized sinks make it easier to wash big cookware and bakery pans.

farmhouse kitchen sink ( best type in kitchen sink)

However, there is less space between the edge of the counter and the sink. The person using the sink will be a bit closer to the faucet to avoid fatigue. Many homeowners prefer the apron-style sink of the farmhouse type kitchen sink.

Moreover, farmhouse sinks tend to be expensive and often time-consuming to install than any other type of sinks. They are expensive due to their large size and contemporary design. Although the farmhouse sink installation needs a more accurate design of the counter, homeowners will prefer it because they can use it in multiple ways, like washing big cookware and bathing their babies and pets.

Types Based on Configuration

The Single Bowl Sink

A single bowl sink has one spacious bowl, without any divider. This design allows you to wash large cookware without any hassle. These sinks are an ideal choice for homeowners of large houses with many people, as it is large enough to handle a large number of dishes and utensils. A single bowl sink can be in an undermount, top mount, or a farmhouse style. If you love farmhouse style or apron-front sinks, you will surely love single bowl sinks too.

best kitchen sinks types - single Bowl

However, you might have to specify some other space near your sink for drying dishes, as a single basin sink does not have a drying area in it.

The Double Bowl/basin Sink

Double basin sinks make your work easier. These sinks allow you to perform two tasks at a time. You can wash your dishes in one bowl and dry them in the other. You can even use the other bowl for rinsing purposes. I assure you, your kitchen tasks can be done more efficiently with the help of a double bowl sink. Double bowl sinks are an excellent addition to a kitchen without a dishwasher.

types of kitchen sinks - double bowl kitchen sink

However, a major drawback for these sinks is their capacity. You will not be able to wash large pots, pans, and casseroles easily, in a double bowl sink, owing to the small space in each bowl. Moreover, some double bowl sinks do not have equal-sized bowls that can be even more challenging to cope with if you have a large family. You can overcome this problem by choosing a double bowl sink with greater dimensions.

The Drainboard Sink

Drainboard sinks are those sink that has attached apron one side either right or left side. Drainboard is grooved and slightly declined towards the sink to drain directly into the sink.

Drainboard Kitchen Sink - best types of kitchen sinks

Most of the drainboard sinks are in self-rimming or drop-in style. It will keep your countertop clean and dry because the water they contain is easily drained due to the little angle between the sink and drainboard. The drainboard can also be used in many different ways, either for collecting food scrap, rinsing, or soaking.

Although these sinks are considered in a special items category, their cost is greater than any other regular kitchen sinks. Moreover, they are not easily available in stock. They don’t always return the best resale value. You can find drainboard sinks from any of the following manufacturers;

  • Elkay
  • Oliver
  • Reginox
  • Corstone

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Low-divider Kitchen Sink

Low-divider kitchen sinks are a great innovation to give to a double tub sink with a low divider. These types of kitchen sinks are beautiful and multi-functional.

low divider kitchen sink

It These sinks are often known as smart divide sinks as they give the same efficiency as the double bowl sink. This dual-capacity sink allows you to wash large cookware and big bakery pans in it easily. The excellent feature because of which I prefer these sinks is, this sink has a large enough depth that the divider can be raised high enough to prevent water from splashing over to the other side, and the big top opening makes it easy for big pans and baking sheets to fit inside.

Integrated Sinks

Integrated sink, also known as integral sinks. The name describes that the sinks and the countertop are integrated, typically made by one material. It means the sink is built-in with a countertop. These sinks are gaining popularity for both kitchens and bathrooms. They give a unique and seamless look to your kitchen decor.

kitchen sink type - integrated sink

Integrated sinks give you many choices. They have most commonly available in Corian, granite, quartz and marble. But you can also get integral sinks in stainless steel, solid surfaces, concrete and terrazzo.

An integral sink is a very good option because they are customizable, easy to clean, sleek and smooth looking, tie in space, and look expensive. On the other side, everything is connected with each other. If you want to change the countertop or sink, you will have to replace and remove the entire thing. Consequently, you will have to pay more for replacement.

The Corner Sinks

Do you want to utilize the maximum space in your kitchen? Then the corner kitchen sink can give you the solution for it. In every kitchen, corner areas are often unappreciated. Corner kitchen sinks make these corners functional within your home, farmhouse, or commercial kitchen.

kitchen sinks types - corner kitchen sink

Kitchens are most probably designed in L-shape, U-shape, and G-shape floorplans as these have many corners in their kitchen and having a corner kitchen appreciate a good use of the space. Corner kitchen sinks have impressive features.

Modern kitchen sinks also offer the same range of features as other multifunctional kitchen sinks and are also available in different materials. Nowadays, corner sinks with multifunctional features are available in stainless steel and ceramics.

The main advantage of the corner sink is that it takes a minimal space within the kitchen. Moreover, corner sinks are rarely needed; that’s why they are expensive.

Island, Prep or Bar Sink

Bar (prep) sinks considerably for small kitchen sinks other than regular sinks. They are used for supplementary food preparation and bartending places. Bar sinks are available in square and round shapes with a diameter of 15 inches. They are most commonly made up of copper and stainless steel. However, they are also available in granite and porcelain.

Island, Prep or Bar Sink - types pd kitchen sinks

If you have enough space in your kitchen, you may go for this prep sink. You can install it on your kitchen island or at the far end of your countertop. Secondly, it will help multiple people to prep food at the same time without any hurdle.

Bar or Prep sink can give you several benefits to your kitchen. This will take little space. Nowadays they are installed near the stove that helps to prepare meal more efficiently.

Secondary kitchen sinks are considered in a luxury lifestyle that may break your budget. And you want to make sure before deciding to incur the expense and sacrifice your kitchen’s counter space.

The Granite or Quartz Kitchen Sinks (Composite Sinks)

A granite sink is designed as the most spectacular part of your kitchen workstation area. These types of sinks are made by the combination of quartz or granite with a resin filter. Most probably, the manufacturer uses 80% stone and 20% resin. But values may vary according to the product manufacturer. By the combination of this material, they are extremely enhancive and impressible.

granite (quartz ) sink - composite kitchen sink type

By the way, both types of composite sinks are hardy and more resistant to scratches and stains. Many homeowners prefer for their durability, naturally hygienic, and heat resistance. The only disadvantage of composite kitchen sinks is, they are heavier than stainless steel sinks. Therefore it needs a proper support system under the countertop.

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Pros and Cons of Different types of Kitchen Sinks

Here is a detailed video for you, that will guide you about the pros and cons of each type of kitchen sink.

Comparison of different types of kitchen sinks

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