10 Reasons to Buy a New Kitchen Sink

10 factors to change your kitchen sink

You have been using the same kitchen sink for years and it’s looking pretty bad. There are some scratches on it, the finish has started to crack and there appears to be a small hole growing near one of the corners. It is also not very clean – you have never cleaned under the rim of the sink because you have no idea how to do it. It seems like a good time to buy a new kitchen sink. In fact, you have been thinking about buying a new kitchen sink for years but never got around to getting one.

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Here Are the Top 10 Reasons Why you Should Purchase a New Kitchen Sink:

1. The Finish of the Old Kitchen Sink is Chipping and Peeling Off

The most common reason that people replace their old kitchen sinks is that the finish of the sink is chipping and peeling off. This usually occurs after many years of use, but it can happen more quickly if you do not treat your sink properly. The finish can come right off in some cases – leaving just a rusty metal surface.

2. The Finish of the Old Kitchen Sink is Faded and You Would Like a New Color

If you bought your current kitchen sink years ago, it likely has a finish that is faded and you would like to replace it with a new color. Manufacturers make many different finishes for their kitchen sinks including stainless steel, porcelain, copper, and various colors. Some manufacturers even offer their sinks in several different color options to match your kitchen décor.

3. You Want a New Shape for Your Kitchen Sink

Old kitchen sinks are usually rectangular-shaped with rounded corners at the ends. Manufacturers make many different shapes for their sinks including square, rectangle, rounded, oval, and drop-in. You can find a sink that will match the décor of your kitchen and work with the layout you already have.

4. The Sink Under the Kitchen Sink is Rusted Out and Needs to be Replaced

If your old kitchen sink has an under-sink area that is rusted out, it may be time to replace the sink. This occurs when water leaks under the rim of the kitchen sink and gets trapped there, causing rust to form on the metal and weaken it. You can check to make sure that you do not have this problem by turning off the water supply to your sink and laying a towel inside of it overnight. If you see moisture in the morning, there is likely a problem with the sink.

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5. You Would Like to Update Your Kitchen Sink to New Technology

There are many new technologies that have been developed for kitchen sinks in recent years that you may want to take advantage of. You can buy a stainless steel kitchen sink that does not require you to use harsh cleaning products because it is resistant to scratches and stains. You can also buy a faucet that has an added sprayer so you do not have to purchase one separately.

6. The Drain in Your Old Kitchen Sink Is Broken

If the drain in your old kitchen sink is broken, it may be time for a new kitchen sink. This usually occurs because the drain has become corroded or rusted. You can replace the sink before you have to replace the whole thing by buying a new drain and strainer for it.

7. Your Kitchen Sink Does Not Have Drainage Overflow Holes

One of the reasons that people buy a new kitchen sink is because their current one lacks drainage overflow holes. The purpose of these holes is so that water can drain down into the pipes if you accidentally leave the sink running. This will prevent your sink from flooding your home.

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8. You Are Replacing an Old Kitchen Sink with a New Double Bowl Kitchen Sink or Workstation Sink

When it comes to functional kitchen sinks, nothing beats a double bowl and workstation sink. This type of sink is perfect for washing large quantities of dishes and pots and pans. It also provides you with more counter space on the sides for stacking plates, utensils, and other things that you need while cooking in your kitchen. And workstation sink will provide you ease in different kitchen-related tasks.

9. You Are Replacing an Old Kitchen Sink with a New Undermount Kitchen Sink

The best way to upgrade the look of your kitchen sink is by replacing it with an undermount sink. This type of kitchen sink sits directly underneath the countertop where it is completely hidden from view. You can see what a difference is: Drop-in vs Undermount Sink – Head to Head Comparison.

10. The Finish on Your Current Kitchen Sink is Worn Out

When you start to notice scratches and chips in the finish of your kitchen sink, it may be time to replace it. Most people do not also realize that they can buy a new finish for their old ceramic sinks instead of replacing them entirely. This will give your current kitchen sink a shiny appearance while saving you money.

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