Farmhouse Sink Dimensions – Read This Before You Buy

33 Inch farmhouse sink dimensions guide

Farmhouse sinks are the most elegant and stunning type of kitchen sinks. These sinks give a unique appealing effect to your kitchen. They not only add value to your kitchen look along with this but also depict the taste of the person who owns the kitchen and home. Before choosing a farmhouse sink, you should consider its measurements, so that it seamlessly fits in your kitchen cabinet.

There are many materials available in farmhouse kitchen sinks. Fireclay, stainless steel, concrete, copper, stone, and composite granite are the most selling farmhouse sinks in the market. It all depends upon the purchasing power and your kitchen interior. Farmhouse sinks have a side-to-side dimension of 20 to 42 inches and a depth of 7 to 10 inches, and can typically weigh from 100 to 200 pounds.

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standard farmhouse sink dimensions
Black Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Apron Style

How does a Farmhouse Sink Look?

Farmhouse sink/ apron sink comes up with a basin that is a bit extra deep than normal sinks and the border of such sink does not sneak outside the corners of the top of the cabinet. There is no hole drilled for the faucets in such sinks. The users of these sinks drill the holes of faucets directly in the countertop at the position as per their needs.

The most prominent feature of apron front sinks is its front side that remains exposed to the user. As the basins of the farmhouse are deep enough to get the large stack of dishes fit into it easily. Due to such a big size of basins washing big pans and pots has become a type of fun activity.

White Farmhouse Kitchen Sink
Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Apron Style

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Size of the farmhouse sinks

The farmhouse sink largely comes in 3 sizes as mentioned below. However, they are also available in 24″ to 40″ dimensions.

  • 30” inches Farmhouse Sinks
  • 33” inches Farmhouse Sinks
  • 36” inches Farmhouse Sinks
33" cabinet farmhouse sink dimensions
33 Inch farmhouse Sink Dimensions

Which Size Should You Select?

The selection of the size of a farmhouse sink depends upon the space available in your kitchen. If you have a bit of extra space, you can use a dual basin sink with a size of 36 inches or a 39 inches kitchen sink. In addition to this, the considerable point is, while making a cabinet for apron front, the extra length and width of the cabinet that shall be required to get these sinks fit into will be around 1.5 inches.

For a comparatively lesser space in a kitchen, the 24-26 inches long basin sink shall be good enough. This will not look extra bigger in size and therefore it will give an appropriate look to your kitchen.

Cabinet type

Kitchen sinks require cabinets for their proper fitting. If the cabinet is already built, then the first option is to adopt the kitchen sink as per the measurement of the cabinet. However, it is obvious that most of the time the cabinet may not match the size requires for fitting the sink. Here, your fitter/plumber will do the magic for you. He will adjust your sink in the cabinet in a way that won’t look odd to the eyes.

On the other hand, if there is no cabinet where the sink is to be built then, this is the best chance to make the cabinet exactly the same as the size of the kitchen sink.  The common observation is that 1.5 inches extra from all 3 sides shall be kept open so that the sink can easily fit into it. In order to get the sink fit as under-mount style, the top of kitchen shelves covers the sink from all three sides except the front.

Inside and outside farmhouse Sink dimensions
Inside dimensions of a farmhouse sink

Is it necessary to have a special cabinet?

Not necessarily. Because most cabinets will need extra support. Moreover, these farmhouse sinks are available in various sizes, so that you can buy the one that fits flawlessly into your kitchen cabinet. However, if a farmhouse sink is large enough for the space available, you will have to make some modifications in your kitchen cabinet.

Basin Sizes

Mostly farmhouse sinks come with a basin that is 10 inches deep, which makes washing tasks easy. Furthermore, farmhouse apron sinks mostly come in 30-36 inches and the width of such sinks usually ranges from 22-26 inches.

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Number of Basins

Apart from the dimensions, these apron sinks come in a single bowl, double bowl, and even in a triple bowl style. The farmhouse sink with a double bowl may be equally divided whole sink into two parts. But the very same double bowl sink may be distributed in customized proportion of 60 to 40 or 70 to 30 etc. Triple bowl kitchen sink mostly comes with 40-20 to 40 proportion of each bowl.

Single Bowl White Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Design
Single Bowl Fireclay Farmhouse Sink Design
Double Bowl Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink design
Double Bowl White Farmhouse Sink design

Bottom of the sinks

Mostly, the bottom of these farm sinks is very well slopped in cross shape right downwards to the drain hole. Such a cross-shaped slope not only enhances the drainage of the debris. Therefore it also gives a sleek and uniform look to the base of the sink. Almost all the sinks have a standard size drain hole i.e. 3.5inches. The packaging of some farmhouse sinks contains strainer and bucket for drain hole in which all the wastes are collected and same can be cleaned very easily after removing from the drain hole. If such accessories do not come as a part of the package, they can be bought to make your cleaning and disposal tasks easy and flawless.

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